The Wild Duck

Overhauling Temple Bar’s Most Exciting Music Venue

Located in the iconic Temple Bar area, The Wild Duck is a theater, music, and food venue that exudes a retro, vintage, and funky atmosphere while maintaining a cozy, traditional Irish atmosphere. To differentiate itself from the crowded bar scene in Dublin, I created a website design & build for the client which reflected the venue's distinct personality.

What I did.

Brand Development, Website Design & Build, UX/UI Design and Graphic Design. Logo
The Result

43% increase in organic traffic to the website within the first year.

I designed the website to appeal to its target audience by adopting a humorous and engaging tone of voice. To achieve this, I incorporated witty jokes about ducks throughout the site. This approach fosters a sense of connection and familiarity with the venue.
I utilize the duck mascot to establish the bar's personality and create a recognizable symbol that fosters brand loyalty. Incorporating the mascot adds character to the website and reinforces the brand's identity.
I believed enhancing the brand with a luxurious atmosphere was essential, and this was successfully achieved through the incorporation of sophisticated design elements and a refined colour scheme.
As I strive to enhance the customer experience and potentially boost sales, incorporating an interactive online menu for our food venue is crucial. I believe that providing the convenience of easily viewing our menu on their devices can significantly contribute to increased customer satisfaction.