Revamping Ireland’s leading reseller of used Golf Equipment

RYANGOLF is the leading Irish reseller of used golf equipment, offering discounted prices for golf enthusiasts looking to sell or upgrade their golf equipment. With over 40,000 monthly users, the company sought to improve its digital identity and launch a new user-centric e-commerce website to stay at the pinnacle of a fluctuating industry.

Adam led the creation and deployment of the new RYANGOLF brand website while working as a Web and Print Design Executive for Nettl of Dublin.
Daft.ie Logo
Daft Typography
Daft Colours
The Result

30% increase of organic traffic and a 5% increase in sales within the first year.

A website that is designed with the customer in mind should encourage exploration and facilitate a positive user experience. Reevaluating the client's graphic identity and tailoring it for the web, a sleek design was incorporated to enhances the customer's overall experience.
Implementing a user-to-user marketplace was challenging, but it was successfully achieved to the client's satisfaction. The marketplace mirrors the shop's design, creating familiarity for users, and includes a dynamic seller dashboard.
The addition of CRM elements and product filters improved the purchasing experience by personalizing the shopping process and making it more convenient for the customer. These enhancements led to increased sales.
The product pages also highlight the product with large visuals. The idea was to focus on quality and ease of use for the buying process. This way, the site is optimized for optimal customer experience.
To optimize the customer experience for a global audience, a currency converter was integrated into the website. This feature improves the user experience, leading to an increase in visits and ultimately, higher sales.