DoneDeal Motors

Repositioning Ireland's Largest Motors Marketplace

DoneDeal Motors is Ireland's largest motors marketplace which connects motor seekers with established dealerships and private sellers to make buying and selling easier. Motors has a unique market position with over 300,000+ users each month and an average of 3 million ads placed each year. I needed to reposition the Motors brand to engross a sense of premium and expertise in order to maintain my position at the top of Ireland's new & used motor market.

What I did.

Brand Development, Website Design, UX/UI Design, Print Design (Micro & Macro Print) and Graphic Design. Logo
The Result

16% engagement growth within the first 6 months.

Trustworthy and classy, I wanted to create a brand for DoneDeal Motors which daringly encourages premium motors in a positive, eye-catching way. My mindset for the Motors brand was not only to promote established motor dealerships on the site, I wanted to showcase the lavish & luxury buying and selling experience.
I preferred using notable motor brand photography over illustrations/iconography to reinforce the polished and premium brand mindset.
By establishing clear design principles and rules for logos, iconography, and colors, I was able to creatively and playfully convey the desired personality of the brand.
I focused on highlighting the reputable dealerships featured on DoneDeal as trustworthy, recognizing the significance it holds for the business-to-business aspect of the product.
I redesigned the Motor's B2C and B2B websites to provide valuable insights on tools for automotive seekers, regardless of their customer or dealer status.