DoneDeal Agri

Energising Ireland’s Leading Farming Marketplace

DoneDeal Agri is Ireland’s leading farming marketplace which connects farmers around Ireland to make buying and selling easier. Agri boasts over 350,000+ unique visitors per month with over 85% of farmers in Ireland buying and selling on DoneDeal. To better position itself as a leading brand in the minds of farmers, Agri required a revitalised brand strategy and to keep pace with the expansion of its product offerings.

Adam led the research, ideation & creation of the new brand identity for DoneDeal Agri while working as a Creative Designer for Distilled SCH. Logo
Daft Typography
Daft Colours
The Result

8% engagement growth within the first 3 months.

Agri promotes premium farm machinery and livestock with a bold and modern approach, using a green colour to symbolise the agriculture community and the natural environment of farming. This visually appealing approach emphasises the high quality and innovation of Agri's product offerings.
The Agri team regularly participates in a variety of agricultural events throughout the year, attracting over 275,000 attendees to their stands annually. These events provide a valuable opportunity for the team to stand out from the competition with modern and timeless exhibition stands.
By establishing clear brand guidelines, DoneDeal Agri can effectively communicate its brand to customers and stakeholders, and build a strong and cohesive brand identity.
It was important to update and modernise all of the print materials for the Agri brand in order to align with the new desired premium & modern aesthetic.
Considering how every touchpoint would elevate the customer experience, we created a rich brand world that not only tells the Agri story, but allows flexibility for future growth.