Refining Ireland’s No.1 Property Website

Daft.ie is Ireland's number one destination for property searchers and connects property professionals with a unique audience of over 2.5 million users each month. As one of the pioneers of Ireland's online property portals, I set out to refine the Daft.ie brand image by crafting a modern, sleek, and refined brand identity. I employed a agile approach to revamp the print, web, digital, and social designs aiming to establish Daft as a prominent leader within the Irish property industry.

What I did.

Brand Development, Website Design, UX/UI Design, Print Design (Micro & Macro Print) and Graphic Design.

Daft.ie Logo
The Result

25% engagement growth within the first 6 months.

I aimed to create a look and feel for Daft that would effortlessly exude a timeless modernity, setting the standard for other property portals to aspire to. Every element had to possess a distinct Daft identity, ensuring it could never be replicated or mistaken as the product evolves.
In the marketing strategy, we prioritized outdoor advertising to promote the new brand among on-site agents. I prominently featured the recognizable Daft blue color to capture attention. Over time, I gradually introduced the illustration designs into the marketing campaign.
In reinforcing Daft's human and future-focused perspective, I prioritize illustration over photography. When utilizing photography, I choose to represent the target audience as they are at present, envisioning their upcoming renting, buying, or selling journey.
As an important component of Daft's public relations, the Daft Report allows me to provide an in-depth quarterly market analysis for both the Rental and Housing Market in Ireland. Being the most read property report in the country, it presents an exciting opportunity for me to enhance the readers' experience and deliver valuable insights.
I create modern, easy-to-use, and inviting B2C and B2B websites for Daft. My goal is to foster a proactive mindset and ensure that positive property seeker tools are accessible to customers and agents of any size.